Digital Marketing Services

Digital Marketing Services

What we offer

We can either support you with your existing marketing activity or we can help build and design your marketing strategy.

We have put together a selection of short videos to give you a flavour of what we can offer you.

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Small Business Marketing

So, you run a small business and you’ve probably thought about doing some marketing to improve sales but you’ve got no time to study all the boring stuff.

No worries, from website design to local SEO, Video content creation and more. It’s our job to take complete care of you.

Social Powered Wi-Fi Hotspot

Many establishments offer free guest WiFi for different reasons. And let’s face it, the standard Free Guest WiFi sucks! No matter what business sector.

Find out more about our Social Powered WiFi Hotspots and how you can get your own and how it will help your marketing strategies.

Website Design & Management

Maybe you’re thinking about having your first one made? or maybe you just need a new, better one?

If you’re on a tight budget, a good choice is to work with a customisable theme, which can be implemented and used on a (CMS). We can also help with your existing WordPress or Joomla management too.

Search Engine Optimisation

SEO experts believe there are over 200 factors to your offline and online marketing activities that need to be incorporated into your SEO strategy.

We’ll develop a custom SEO strategy specifically for your business. A lot of people think it’s some kind of magic but that’s not the case.

Responsive Design

What is responsive design?

A responsive website responds to the screen of the device you’re viewing it on. So instead of creating different websites for different devices, your responsive website rearranges the elements to fit any screen.

Interested in responsive design?

Want one of those responsive websites for your business?

Email Marketing

Do you need help with your email marketing?

Do you know how to effectively build up your mailing list?

How often should you send newsletters?

Are your emails being classed as spam and not reaching your customers?

Need a system that will automate the mailing process?

Online Video Marketing

Video is effective on both desktop and mobile devices: the average conversion rate for websites using video is 4.8 percent compared to 2.9 percent for those that do not use video while 40 percent of customers state that video increases the chance that they’ll purchase a product on their mobile device.

Social Media Marketing

Over the past few years social media has completely changed the internet. Actually, it has changed the whole world. And also the world of marketing.

Social Media – Like it or loathe it – it’s here to stay. You have your day job to do – let us take the strain!

Online Marketing

So, how exactly can WE help YOU with online marketing?
Technology continues to change the world we live in. There are so many innovative marketing tools out there and so many changes being made to the algorithms that determine what we see and when online – it’s difficult to keep up!

Pay Per Click Marketing

How can PPC benifit you and your business?

Well sometimes even the best SEO strategy is just not enough, the keyword you want to optimise for, could be facing some really tough competition and is simply unable to make it to the top results OR you can just use PPC.

Corporate Design

Corporate design or visual identity or graphic branding all these fancy titles basically mean the same thing, establishing a visual bond between your business and the people connected to it.

Why is this important?

Content Inbound Marketing

It’s about creating something interesting, helpful, enjoyable, an article, blog, video, infographics…something that your prospects might be naturally attracted to when browsing the web or social networks.

It’s a lot cheaper more effective and non-aggressive


Every time a visitor gets to any of your product pages, this information is stored in their device, computer, tablet, phone…doesn’t really matter.

Later on advertisement systems can pull this information out, even though the prospects already have gone to a completely different site.

Web Hosting

Once you have had your beautiful, easy to use website crafted and built, it needs a home.

We know your website is a critical tool to promote your business, to your public. Once your website is live, we keep a close look at how your website performs technically. We can take away the pain of maintaining it yourself.