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Mobile Marketing: Top 5 Tips for Website Owners

If you’re building a website that’s designed to be mobile-friendly, read this carefully. Creating a website that’s friendly for mobile website requires thinking through quite a few usability concerns that most people just don’t think about. Here are five tips for improving the mobile-friendliness of your website. Use Fluid Widths Avoid fixed widths like the

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Local SEO

SEO Location Based Marketing: Does It Apply to Your Business?

Location-based marketing is one of the newer trends in marketing. If you run an offline business or a business that tends to do a lot of volume in local markets, using location-based marketing can help boost your sales. Review Sites: Yelp, Google Places, Citysearch Review sites are one of the newest additions in the realm

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4 Trends in SEO: From Tactics to Strategy

The SEO market is changing. When SEO first started, you could rank just by keyword-stuffing your meta tags. Once that was phased out, there was a period when you could easily get ranked by link spamming. Those days are over as well. Today, SEO is rapidly moving in a new direction. Here are some of

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