Free WiFi Hotspot

Free WiFi Hotspot

Video Transcript

Many establishments offer free Wi-Fi for different reasons:
…attract new customers..
…keep them happy..
…and maybe because everyone else is doing it..

But lets face it… Free Wi-Fi… sucks!

…complicated passwords
…slow connections
…and worst of all, you get NOTHING in return!

But all this is about to change with Social Powered Wi-Fi Hotspots.

It’s still the Free Wi-fi your customers expect… but without the hassles and lack of results.

It’s now possible for customers to simply connect to your Free Wi-Fi service using their favorite social media account.

Once they’ve logged in with just a few clicks, you will be able to get their social media details, email addresses and more… allowing you to build long-lasting and valuable relationships beyond a single visit.

Now you can send your customers mobile coupons, exclusive offers, email newsletters and timely promotions long after they have visited your store.

Grow your business and keep your customers happy with the NEW MAGICAL way to offer Free Wi-Fi.

Contact Us to Get Your Own Social Powered Wi-Fi Hotspot today!

Guest WiFi Hotspot

Do you have a business where your customers, clients, vendors or guests would prefer to use FREE WiFi rather than their own data whilst they visit you..?

A Social Powered WiFi Hotspot is great for… Barber’s / Hair / Beauty / Tanning Salon’s, Coffe Shops, Café’s, Restaurants, Pubs / Clubs, Hotel’s / B n B’s, Health Spa’s and even Church’s and Office’s…!

By offering Guest WiFi with our WiFi marketing solution in your business, you can build a list of who your customers are. So that you can better understand them. Allowing you to engage with them, either in real-time or after they have left your premises.

Here’s What We Can Do For You

Lead Generation:

Turn your Free Wi-Fi into an automated lead generating machine.

Customised Landing:

That reflects your business, brand and customer base.

Keep your Private Network PRIVATE:

Segment 2 zones, PRIVATE and Public.

Bandwidth Controls:

Set the limit on the amount of bandwidth used.

In-Depth Analytics:

Learn about your customers and the frequency of visits.

Loyalty Rewards:

Give your loyal customers rewards at log in.

Insightful guest data

Capture guest WiFi data instantly and generate reports to measure analytics and trends.

Collect user demographic data as guest profiles

View real-time data streams of your guest WiFi

Easily filter, analyze and display guest analytics

Presence analytics for footfall heatmaps

GDPR Compliant Marketing Platform

Marketing Automation Engine

With our platform, we can also automatically send guest data to your marketing stack with ‘smart’ connection triggers and actions to send emails, SMS messages and integrate with 3rd-party APIs.

Trigger when guests connect to WiFi

Trigger when guests disconnect from WiFi

Trigger when guests haven’t connected in X days

Trigger when it’s a guest’s birthday

Filter automation’s based on multiple data points

Delayed actions for drip campaign sequences

Reach More Business - Guest WiFi Hotspot
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