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SEO Voice Search

How to Optimise Your E-Commerce Site to Cater for Voice Search

Optimising your e-commerce site for voice search is imperative today. Most people are using their mobile devices to find the information and products they need to solve their problems. They often do it when they are on the go, so they’re usually ready to buy. If you have an e-commerce store, you’ll want to optimise your site to cater to voice search.

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SEO Voice search

6 Voice Search Facts

The neat thing about voice search is that it’s growing by leaps and bounds due to the advancement of the technology. That means there is a lot of room for growth. With voice search accounting for half of all searches and growing, most of which happens on mobile devices, indications are that voice search will eventually outpace text search growth. The main driving factor is the ease of use and the accuracy of the search results.

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Social Metrics

Social Metrics in SEO Analysed

In 2009, when experts in SEO were asked what they thought was the most important thing in SEO, 43% said links. In 2011 however, that number dropped down to just 22%. The remainder now believes that in the near future, social metrics are going to play a much more important role in SEO.

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Mobile Marketing Responsive

Mobile Marketing: Top 5 Tips for Website Owners

If you’re building a website that’s designed to be mobile-friendly, read this carefully. Creating a website that’s friendly for mobile website requires thinking through quite a few usability concerns that most people just don’t think about.

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SEO Analytics

4 Trends in SEO: From Tactics to Strategy

The SEO market is changing. When SEO first started, you could rank just by keyword-stuffing your meta tags. Once that was phased out, there was a period when you could easily get ranked by link spamming. Those days are over as well.

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