WordPress Website Support

Allow us to do what we do best so that you can focus on what you do best

Are you looking for a full-time team to support or enhance your WordPress website?

As we've said, your website is your 27/7 "shop window" or perhaps, more importantly, you could look at it as your 24-hour-a-day salesperson

So what does that have to do with needing WordPress website support?

Well, with this in mind, let’s say that that salesperson suddenly calls in “sick…” OR WORSE, what happens then?

What happens if your IT guy does the same? Maybe you don’t even have an IT guy or they just left the business and left you in the lurch?

It's a little known fact that 90% of all hacked websites are in fact WordPress? With Joomla! being the 2nd. This shouldn't be surprising as it does power over 35% of the entire internet's websites.

Sometimes it is slightly inconvenient to be one of the most popular kids in school, right?

You could what a few YouTube videos or have a Google I guess and try to fix it yourself?

OR leave the support of your WordPress website in our capable hands.

We also can add new features to your website such as eCommerce, job board, online scheduling, case studies, testimonials, forum or blog, and any other features important to your target audience and business. 

Especially when you realise that your website is probably your most valuable staff member.

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Website Support FAQ's

We used to support Joomla! and other CMS’ but now we only work exclusively with WordPress so that we can offer a better level and consistent product for our clients. (If your website is not on WordPress and are looking to upgrade to this robust, powerful platform. Then fear not, we can help migrate your site.)

After all, it powers over 35% of the web and it can be used for so much more than just blogging.

Here’s another fun fact, it is also the fastest website platform and Forbes, Spotify, The New York Times are just some of the most visited websites built on WordPress as well as over 25% of all eCommerce websites.

We are here to help you resolve a multitude of issues on your website, we can also add new features, improve the website’s performance, even fix it if it gets hacked, and so much more.

Once we have onboarded your company’s website we can then offer you one of our care plan packages (and like car insurance) it will cover most of the items our would be looking for.

Not sure. Let’s take a look!

But, generally if it’s on WordPress and it passes our diagnostic testing process to ensure we can successfully onboard it to one of our WordPress website support care plans, we’d be happy to.

Give us a call on 0800 06 999 28 or drop us a note.

The short answer would be yes, a care plan is essential for a healthy, up to date, secure WordPress website.

It covers all of the main items like regular backups (even if you don’t add pages or other content), it needs security and performance scans running daily, plugin updates and malware protection, and more. So because of these fundamental tasks before we work on any new website we need to ensure that it is 100% stable prior to taking it on.

When onboarding your website to our care plan, we would first various diagnostic test (like an MOT for your car) to ensure it has properly licensed software and a bunch of other techie stuff I don’t want to bore you with – but if you want to know you only need to ask and Martin will gladly go into full details, and if you ask nicely he can record it in case you need help sleeping!

Joking aside, it is because of the needing to know everything about your website, why we DO NOT provide ad-hoc support of any kind for broken sites or feature requests for any website that are not on one of our care plans.

The only thing we can do is offer you some “ad-hoc” consultancy advice based on an agreed fee and set of conditions that would need to be signed for and approved by the top-level management.

Yes, we pride ourselves on transparent open communication and this doesn’t stop at support.

We don’t like email ping pong, we like ticketing systems that log everything we do and the feedback you give. This is for the benefit of both parties.

Even though we give you the ability to open your own support request, We generally would raise a ticket on your behalf if you email us directly, if you call us or if you used the chat facility that we install on your website.

In most cases, our services would be covered under one of our monthly care plans.

Although any additional work that falls outside the scope of one of our set plans, our hourly rate is £125

We bill in quarter-hour increments and provide detailed invoicing.

Our Service Level Agreement for our support team to respond back to you would be within 2 business hours on any support requests.

We’ll also provide an estimated time and get your approval before commencing any work.

For any hosting-related issues or services, these are covered by your care plan. and we would typically resolve these items as they arrise.